@RickyRozay lettin' y'all know "You Gon' Get This Work"

Rick Ross and Loaded Lux got to politicking one day and above all else they agreed on one inevitable fact: You gon get this work!

At the very least do yourself a favor and make sure you cop your You Gon Get This Work t-shirt and/or snapback.

Speaking of which, have you listened to the new mixtape by the bro Loaded Lux called... you guessed it, You Gon Get This Work. No? Well here you go. Thank me later :-). Jadakiss, Redman, Fred da Godson, Bun B, Trae the Truth, Method Man & Wyclef make appearances. If you thought the last mixtape was fire.... pffft.


Lux is rocking a "I'm the Bomb" crew neck sweatshirt. You can cop this season's version here, or an "I'm the Bomb" T-shirt (click pics)




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