How sneakers effect what clothes you buy and why

Sneaker culture has a huge effect on what clothes people buy everyday. Some know how big it is and some don't. Which one are you? Growing up in the city of New York sneaker culture is life for sneakerheads. There is a extreme excitement to get the sneakers you want when they are released.

Most people when going shopping buy their sneakers first then buy their outfit afterwards. Why do you think they do this? Duh its called the sneak effect, even when you go into clothing stores that carry both clothing and sneakers. The footwear section is well...

How streetwear has made these people mad and why

Let me take you down memory lane where a lot people use to dress real lame. Into Hip Hop came on the scene in the 70's which originated from black culture and change the game. Hip hop started in the streets of New York , the Bronx to be exact. The role that hip hop artist played on style and culture was a mimic of what they saw brothers is the street wear...

How adding these items in your wardrobe for 2021 will make life better

How adding these items in your wardrobe for 2021 will make life better

The first piece of clothing is the crewneck sweater/sweatshirt which has a round neck or neckline for its collar. There is a long history that traces back to the early 1940's and this style of sweater. It has developed and changed over time to what you see today. Now let's fast forward to more modern times. Today this sweatshirt style has become iconic with teenagers and adults all around the world but mainly in the US do to the different weather cycles.