Greg Marius the Commissioner of Rucker Basketball

A Harlem Legend lost his life Sunday April 22, 2017 to a battle with cancer. His name was Greg Marius the Commissioner of the Rucker also known as EBC tournament in Harlem, the world renowned tournament is held at 155th st and Fredrick Douglass Boulevard. Here at Bucaleany we want to send major condolences to his family and friends! He will be missed!

Greg was a great support of Bucaleany clothing, as seen here with a Bucaleany tshirt on.

Multiple of NBA players and streetball legends have played in this iconic tournament. Below is just a few to have played and also have visited the park to watch others play.

Kobe Bryant 

Isaiah Thomas 

Kevin Durant 

Lamar Odom 

Carmelo Anthony 

Clay Thompson 

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