Gang Starr and J. Cole "Family and Loyalty." featured Harlem's Bucaleany Clothing

Gang Starr and J. Cole have released a fire brand new video for their new joint single "Family and Loyalty."

The clip was directed by Harlem's Fab 5 Freddy —Gang Starr- Guru,  DJ Premier and Cole. Everyone was lit on this song even though itself contains a past verse from Guru — who passed away in 2010 — alongside verses from DJ Premier and Cole.

Watch the "Family and Loyalty" video below.

bucalean front business card

As previously reported, DJ Premier spoke on Cole's involvement in the track, saying "When it comes to this generation of emcees, ones that are lyrically on the level that Guru was on and someone that he would want to work with; Cole is that guy. When Cole heard the record he got the chills and knew it was a classic."

"Family and Loyalty" marks the first track from Gang Starr in 16 years.

J Cole and Dj Premier said "When it comes to clothing Bucaleany is Harlem" which is a great compliment coming from these great brothers.  Thanks for the continued support and love of Bucaleany Clothing.

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