@MamaJones1 & @Bucaleany at SOB's, and words of wisdom

We had the opportunity to attend an afterwork event at SOB's recently where we met and built with a number of great people, including the one and only Mama Jones. You guys may know Jim Jones' mom from the original Love & Hip Hop series on VH1. If you have been keeping up with the recent spin off, Chrissy & Mr. Jones, you know that Mama Jones is still her entertaining, entrepreneurial self. From one Jones to another, it's all good!


Mama Jones & CEO of Bucaleany, D'landar Jones

What was good about this event, was the opportunity it presented to meet other entrepreneurs, dreamers, hard-workers, and visionaries.  From the inception of Bucaleany to where we are now, we have met some fantastic people who have helped us along the way... often with just really sound words of advice and encouragement.

And sometimes that's all you need... so if you are an aspiring anything, but you often encounter people who discredit your dream and your vision, remember to believe in yourself. Your current circumstances, and other people's negativity do not have to define where you will be or how much you can actually achieve. Commit to putting in the work to make your vision a reality. Once you do that, the opportunities will flow in to help you elevate.

Believe in yourself because YOU ARE wealth!!! Hold that Nas for some inspiration:

Bucaleany Got Them Leaning

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