BUCALEANY Clothing line at Harlem Week Fashion Show 2012


Video by Marvello

We'd like to say Thank You to:

- the Harlem Week Fashion Show committee for allowing us the opportunity to show out again this year at the Children's fashion show.

- the models (and their parents/guardians) who did such an awesome job reppin' Bucaleany on the runway.

- Team Bucaleany for the hard work that allowed us to literally be in two places at the same time on this day Aug. 19th. Speaking of which, did you see Loaded Lux obliterate Calicoe that same day at the SMACK/URL battle at Webster Hall? No? Just go ahead and click that link.

Last but not least Thanks to you for your continued support. None of it is possible without you!

(Bucaleany Got Them Leaning)

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