Piano World Record holder say You gotta Be A Queen And Have No Fear

Evelina De Lain


Evelina was on a Harlem walking tour on 125th st in Harlem and met Dlandar one of the owners of Harlem's #1 brand Bucaleany. Everyone knows that Bucaleany clothing is a staple in Harlem a lot of visitors from out of town stop by and pick up some great Harlem merchandise that you wont see any place in the world. While they are there people love to take pictures for their memories and experience with Bucaleany. Getting a shirt from Bucaleany is your receipt that you were in Harlem, NY. 


"I stopped in my tracks when I saw the picture of my #nawal Black Panther with these words - which I have embodied lately! I knew I had to get both of them! You gotta be a #Queen and have no #fear! Lets be #inspired to be our own #true selves! Great convo and #inspiration with @bucaleany ! #worldrecordEvelina De Lain | Piano

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