Why Women and Men are buying bigger sizes and more comfortable clothes do to quarantine

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Why Women and Men are buying bigger sizes and more comfortable clothes do to quarantine

This new quarantine life is interesting getting use to that's why for some it's been challenging , learning to cope with different struggles whether mentally, emotionally physically and economically . Believe it's very easy to lose all restraint and abandon your exercise and diet plan of having that summer body ready.  And no one would blame you for keep reaching for them snacks while lounging in your favorite Bucaleany t-shirt and sweats while binge-watching everything you can on Netflix. "utf-8" />

As the global crisis continues to impact the whole world it's even more important than ever to find ways to conquer stress and manage anxiety. Because if not they can make you very sick or even kill you. Stress or anxiety can make you gain weight or make you lose weight, depending on how you react to it.  

Too much sleep and inadequate sleep have also been linked to weight gain, increased appetite and worsening blood sugar control, so try your best not to completely abandon your sleep schedule by staying up late, sleeping until noon or staying up all night watching television.

Because the vast majority of us have been force to spending so much time at home it comes with consequence. When you are home most of the day yes you are burning far fewer calories even if you are getting in some exercise. Before the quarantine your daily life was different.

Known most people's work home schedule is center around them sitting at the computer for hours, whether doing Zoom work calls or socializing, and staying inside on evenings and weekends shopping and socializing online. 

So have you gain weight during the quarantine? 

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