Tongue T-shirts for Men or Women and what do they mean

Tongue T-shirts are funny and can change your life! Tongue t shirts represent the youthful part of who you are. In the Netflix documentary The Last Dance with Michael Jordan the basketball player, he would make big time shoots with his tongue sticking out.

I know you have seen Cardi B, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus to the guy from Kiss stick their tongues out also. There are different emojis that show this same gesture. Most of your favorite celebs, rappers/entertainers and actors have stuck their tongues out as some form of gesture.

Tongue Tshirt for men and woman

The different gesture of sticking out your tongue does have multiple meanings.

1. Being funny

2. Rudeness

3. Disgust

4. Playfulness 

5. Working hard

6. Sexual provocation

7. Childish

8. Tease 

9. Being Cute 

10. Trying to do something hard

Sticking your tongue out is actually perfectly normal behavior. Babies do it alot because most of their early introduction to food is from a bottle or being breast feed. Young kids stick their tongues out a lot also when teasing somebody. Most of us remember as a kid somebody sticking their tongue out and saying "nan, nana nan nan". 

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There is a whole tribe of teens and adults around the world who do this for multiple reasons like we reported earlier. Being on social media you will see people sticking their tongues out a lot when taking a photo or doing a video.  

When getting a excellent tongue t shirt select a great one that is made from 100% cotton. That has a great fit to the body and always gets you complainments. Bucaleany clothing has a great tongue t shirt called Tongueleany.    Make sure you pick one up today!


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