The Man Was Thrown To The Ground And Arrested In The Harlem 125th Street Station For Candy!

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Hey #BucaleanyFam HARLEM, NY — A man who was arrested for selling candy while passengers looked on in a Harlem subway station won't face prosecution, a spokesman for the Manhattan District Attorney confirmed.

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The Prosecutors office determined that Byron Shark's actions "did not constitute obstruction of governmental administration under New York law," the DA's spokesman said in a statement.  What helped the young man was a video of police officers surrounding Shark and arresting the man on the floor of the West 125th Street and Lexington Avenue subway went viral amid the recent surge of arrests in the subway system.

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Shark was arrested and detained Tuesday night after police officers working in the station ran down on the man for allegedly selling candy to passengers, police said. The man was placed in cuffs the cops said because he "failed to comply and refused to provide identification as they attempted to issue him a summons for a transit violation,"

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