Neon is Ruling the Harlem Spring & Summer!

Neon is poppin, neon is what's in and neon can be your best friend for the spring/summer if you haven't heard or seen by now neon is trending everywhere.  

In Harlem where designers like the great Iconic Dapper Dan and brands like Bucaleany. The color neon is also know as "slime", In Harlem Rapper Vado voice. There are a lot of good looking sneakers that have been released recently, neon dresses, and baseball hats but I tell you the best thing that I've seen is most people wearing A local Harlem brand called Bucaleany.

They make an amazing Harlem t-shirt that is neon/slime. The quality is fabulous the print is classic it is simple take a look right here this shirt is amazing you see a lot of people from Harlem wearing it the added bonus is its made in Harlem by two brothers who are natives of Harlem. Purchasing a Harlem tshirt form this brand is a definite receipt you got an official tshirt from Harlem. Don't let the summer pass by without getting you something in neon. 

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Neon Harlem Tshirt

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