Mask are Mandatory in Harlem! SOME PEOPLE NOT WEARING THEM!

 Check out this video of the state of Harlem and how it looks since people have been quarantined. There are some people who are sick and not follow the guide lines. People still not practicing social distancing to save thier life or others.  Mask are part of quarantine! Without A Mask that's your A$$!

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Bucaleany Face Mask

Most people spit when then talk and touch A lot of stuff! .

Protect yourself with a mask don't be a fool going to grocery stores, to work , to banks, to liquor stores, to restaurants, to friend or family house, or traveling in car , bus or train! Mask up! .
If you don't have a mask that's your a$$! .
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If You Dont Have A Mask Thats Your A$$!!!!

Bucaleany Face Mask are made of Superior Pima Cotton material. Stay protected and look great. The mask are not N95 mask!   

Bucaleany Mask are loved because of the great fit how they cover you mouth and nose, plus the are reusable they can be wash by hand or in the wash machine, These mask are great you don't have to worry about them leaving mask grooves on your face when you take the mask off. So get yours today asap.  

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Bucaleany Face MaskBucaleany Face Mask

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