Marcus Garvey Park or Mount Morris Park! What Do You Call it?


Marcus Garvey Park was once called Mount Morris Park some people still it Mount Morris Park! The park is located in Harlem in the New York City borough of Manhattan. The 20.17-acre park takes up roughly four blocks, it is between 120th Street and 124th Street and by Madison Avenue on its east side. In the park there is a high peak once used by Native Americans as a lookout station to see the whole island of what we call Manhattan.

                   Watch Tower in Marcus Garvey Park

During the American Revolutionary War, europeans soldiers used the hill as a strategic position mounted to command the mouth of the Harlem River."

The name Mount Morris Park is said to be named after the newly elected Mayor Robert Morris in 1841 by a small margin.

In 1970, the Community Thing and other activist groups suggested naming the park for Marcus Garvey, a publisher, journalist, entrepreneur, activist for black nationalism, and founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL). They also asked that a portion of the newly built recreation center contain a Garvey Museum.  August of that year saw the African Nationalist Activist Movement calling for a Marcus Garvey Day celebration, with the New York Times noting that the park was already being "called Garvey Memorial Park by some persons." More than 1,000 reportedly attended the celebration in the park.

City Council voted to officially rename the park to Marcus Garvey Memorial Park in 1973
Facilities in the park include the Pelham Fritz Recreation Center and the Richard Rogers Amphitheater (both located on the west side of the park at 122nd Street)

Swimming Pool (open in summer) on the north side of the park, and two playgrounds designed for infants and disabled children, which were built in 1993. 


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