Hundreds Arrest In Harlem Find Out Over What!



A major protest against the cops and their recent arrests of people selling food inside subway stations was held Friday night.

About 300 people marched in the streets of Harlem; leading to dozens of arrests by police.

Multiple vendors was recently charged for illegally selling churros and other items on subway platforms.

In one incident, video of a woman having her churro cart seized quickly went viral on social media. The NYPD defended their actions saying "that the woman was an unlicensed vendor who was told that she would be issued a summons and her property would be taken away if she didn’t comply".

You can see two officers hand cuffing and arrest this lady selling Churros in train station (Credit: Twitter user SofiaBNewman)


“This individual has been issued 10 summonses in the last five months for unlicensed vending at the same station. The Command has received numerous complaints regarding unlicensed vendors at Broadway Junction due to health concerns and individuals interfering with pedestrian flow,” NYPD officials said.

The NYPD reported that only 58 people were arrested during Friday’s protests, mostly for disorderly conduct and blocking traffic.

The protesters were also reportedly rallying against Gov. Cuomo’s plan to hire 500 more MTA police officers.

This is part of a subway crack down by the MTA and Gov. Cuomo. The police are in forcing heavy so be careful out there when in train station. 

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