How streetwear has made these people mad and why

Let me take you down memory lane where a lot people use to dress real lame. Into Hip Hop came on the scene in the 70's which originated from black culture and change the game. Hip hop started in the streets of New York , the Bronx to be exact. The role that hip hop artist played on style and culture was a mimic of what they saw brothers is the street wear and do. Before hip hop there was disco culture. 

As disco culture started to fade out because of hip hop so went that style of swag. The New York City drug dealers & hustlers had their own style and that became a major commodity to streetwear fashion today. In fact, because it was not mainstream streetwear used to be considered a subculture until quite recently.

If you look around today it is a staple of mainstream fashion just like how hip hop is, and therefore, can not be denied. It may seem a long time ago for the early explorers of streetwear culture. That transition took nearly four decades to complete.

Streetwear is a style of casual clothing that became more popular and some say went global in the 1990s. Its fame grewing from New York hip hop fashion and was later adopted by California surfskate culture to even Japanese street fashion. Now even haute couture has jump on the bandwagon.

A Streetwear starter kit includes casual clothing that are comfortable pieces such as jeans, T-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, and sneaker. 

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