How sneakers effect what clothes you buy and why

Sneaker culture has a huge effect on what clothes people buy everyday. Some know how big it is and some don't. Which one are you? Growing up in the city of New York sneaker culture is life for sneakerheads. There is a extreme excitement to get the sneakers you want when they are released.

Most people when going shopping buy their sneakers first then buy their outfit afterwards. Why do you think they do this? Duh its called the sneak effect, even when you go into clothing stores that carry both clothing and sneakers. The footwear section is well displayed & brightly lit up. Sneakers are the priority in these stores because sneakers are a form of status for most people.  

After interviewing three different groups of sneakerheads here is what they said

  1. Most said they like to buy what are the newest sneakers coming out.
  2. Some said they buy sneakers for the ability to resale 
  3. Last group said they buy what they see others are buying

Even clothing brands make a lot of their clothes to match the color of the popular sneakers that are coming out. This has a effect on what is available to the consumers. Basically clothing brands have become complimentary to sneaker brands.

Here are a few popular sneaker brands that have effect on clothing color patterns 

    • Nike
    • Adidas
    • Converse 
    • Vans   
    • Puma

But on the contrary style is so much based on the individual and what is happening with the last trend that a lot people don't care about matching from head to toe. Like the great John Witherspoon from movies like Friday and the Waynes brothers would say you got to coordinator. Nowadays it's more about your level of confidence in your swag.

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