How adding these items in your wardrobe for 2021 will make life better

The first piece of clothing is the crewneck sweater/sweatshirt which has a round neck or neckline for its collar. There is a long history that traces back to the early 1940's and this style of sweater. It has developed and changed over time to what you see today. Now let's fast forward to more modern times. Today this sweatshirt style has become iconic with teenagers and adults all around the world but mainly in the US do to the different weather cycles.


The second piece is the hoodie which is basically a sweatshirt with a hood on it. The hood has a long history that goes back to medieval times when monks would wear a hood attach to a robe or tunic. This same hood was modernized in the 1930's and mainly worn by factory workers in upstate New York. Today the  hoodie is a mega fashion statement worn mainly by the youth and hip hop culture.    

Let me explain what makes these two pieces a must have, it is the function, comfortability and durability that they provide that are so great. Both the crewneck sweater and hoodie can be worn with shorts, jeans, joggers and pants.    

The best time to wear your crewneck sweater or hoodie is when it is cool day, light breezy day, mild day, cold day or freezing day. It's really your preference. The days that you are wearing your crewneck sweater or hoodie and the weather changes to warm or hot you can take it off and wrap around your waste and tie or you can light tie around your neck.

So you may ask yourself where is the best place to wear your crewneck sweater or hoodie too no worries I got you on this. You can wear to school, in the house, park, sport events, concerts, shopping, and out an about with your friends just to name a few. 

The reason why you should add these two pieces to your wardrobe or style is people love comfortability and these have been two top staple piece since last year 2020 during coronavirus lock down and will be in 2021. 

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