Harlem's own Korey King Wise endorses a Harlem Clothing brand

bucalean front business card

Harlem's own Korey King Wise gets behind a local Harlem family run clothing brand called Bucaleany created by two brothers born and raised in Harlem. 

Korey King Wise we all know was wrongly convicted in the Central Park 5 case. The case was later overturned do to the real criminal confessing to the rape crime.  Korey now free from prison him,  with the same group of brothers that was wrongly convicted is now called the exonerated five. This documentary can be see On NETFLIX - directed by Avu Davunay called "When They See Us" Executive Producer Oprah Windferey

Bucaleany was started in 2010 by D'Landar and Xandar Jones it is a sportwear/streetwear brand. Korey loves the quality and fit of the t-shirts and hats, plus the brand has a great message. They have a vendor location at 224 west 125th st in Harlem, N,Y. . The two brothers continue to do great things for the Harlem community by the way. Korey has decided to become the official ambassador for a collection of shirts they have copyrighted & make call the King Has No Fear. All Kings get you one , if you a Queen that has a King get him one. Get yours now at www.Bucaleany.com now click the link here.

Visit our vendor location at 224 west 125th in Harlem.

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  • I hope you are well sir. Looking forward to seeing your products and supporting your brand. May God continue to Bless you, and the other young men.

    • Michelle JENKINS
  • Luv you corey!

    • Karen
  • i love this brand

    • Robert Jackson