Floyd Mayweather's right hand man The HarlemHotBoy

The World Champion Floyd Mayweather's right hand man P-REALA aka TheHarlemHotBoy has been a great supporter of the Bucaleany brand movement since 2013. P-REALA is from Harlem and also is Floyd's accountant so he's not just his homeboy who's around and doesn't do anything he is an assist and has a title working with the World Champ Floyd Mayweather Jr.  TMT 

Also ready his comment below in the picture about Bucaleany 

In the picture below on his instagram he is wearing our Classic Bucaleany Tongueleany sweatshirt that he purchased from us online  at www.bucaleany.com and he's has also purchase from us directly at or vendor location on 125th Street in Harlem, New York.


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