Dapper Dan Shuts down Harlem 125th st at the GAP store

Dapper dan at the Gap store in Harlem shuts it down

Dapper Dan the most flyest down to earth designer walking on the planet. More than just a designer, he's a wise and humble man that has evolved through generations and still remains iconic in the fashion industry today. Not only does the fashion industry love him but in his hometown of Harlem they call him Dap short for Dapper Dan.

Dap can walk down any Street in Harlem and he is loved, admired and respected if you can imagine like a fashion priest. Because he's always fly dressed head to toe and he always has something great to say to you that can lift you spirits. Dapper Dan recently had a release of some hoodies that he collaborated with Gap on and the people came out to support as usual the line took up the whole 125th st in Harlem. The line was from the Gap store to if you can imagine to the corner. The people stood outside in the cold weather for the hoodies and to meet Dapper Dan. Everything went well and all the hoodies sold out in one day as they say in the Harlem neighborhoods let's go King. 

Long Line for Dapper Dan Hoodies

Dapper Dan has done partnerships with a few top fashion brands to blow life back into them. As fashion evolves and times have changed most of the big fashion houses have lost popularity with the younger generations. Dapper Dan has continued to figure how to translate culture and to make it appealing to young and old generations. It's great to see an African American fashion designer get their flowers while they are still alive. 

Long Line in Harlem for Dapper Dan limited hoodies at the GAP store

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