5 Best Tips To Keep You Harlem Fresh!

5 Best tips to keep you Harlem Fresh! 

1.Making money - Harlem has always been known for the great hustlers and their abilities to make something out nothing. When some of the main hustle opportunity in the streets was selling numbers, selling drugs, selling clothes, selling art, and to selling literature it's all a Harlem Hustle!

2. A Fresh Cut or A Fresh hair do - Is mandatory because it properly frame your face structure, it can enhance your look and boost your confidence. It will also make you feel absolutely wonderful. Plus when Repping you fly

3. A new Fresh pair of kicks preferably Uptown's (Nike) or Jordans have been the main sneakers worn in the Harlem culture. Adidas, Pumas have also made some head waves and I'm the Harlem culture.

4. A Fresh Fit preferably from Bucaleany Harlem's #1 Brand. Bucaleany clothing has been a staple in HARLEM Fashion for ten years, or The Legendary Dapper Dan been holding it down in Harlem for multiple decades.

5. Rep your Block in Harlem. In Harlem people go hard for their block, different blocks have different status in Harlem World. West Harlem has always been the center piece for Harlem, but East Harlem has always played a key part in what makes Harlem the most known neighborhood in the world. 

What block or what part you rep in Harlem? Please a comment!! You can enter to when a free Harlem Tee from Bucaleany Clothing Harlem's #1 Brand. Just subscribe to our email list.



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