Be a "Roll Model"

Be a "Roll Model" this t shirt was inspired by people who like to indulge in marijuana. They know how to roll a "spliff" or blunt and they put what is called in New York some techs in the art of rolling. The word techs is short for technique in the streets meaning you are good or great at what you are doing. Everybody is not good at the technique of rolling.  Some people rolling skills suck, they don't have techs and you may know some people like this. You would never let this person play a roll in the get high not in less they're going to the store to get the roll up!! ha ha. Some great news for people who indulge in pot is around the world marijuana aka cannabis is becoming legal even here in the United States of America. The states where marijuana is legal are Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon and Washington D.C.. There are other states that will possibly follow like California, Massachusetts, Arizona, Vermont, Maine, and Missouri, all of which are expected to follow suit on legalized pot by 2016. So are you a "Roll Model" or do you know some one that is and if so get your t-shirt you earned it!

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